2015 Awards Banquet

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We'll be adding a photo album of the event soon!

Race Albums
Photo Credits: Julie Delphia
Fort Kent 02-21-15 (350 pics)
Jackman 01-24-15 (550 pics)
Greenville 03-14-15 (480 pics)
Mercer 03-07-15 (500 pics)
Dublin 02-28-2015

Fort Kent Gallery
Jackman Gallery
Greenville Gallery
Mercer Gallery
Dublin Gallery 2

                                                                                    600  Semi-Pro Race Footage:
                                                                                         Credit: Glenn Foster
                                                                                     USCC East Dublin, NH 2015

USCC East Madawaska Lap
       Credit: Erik Frigon
   Madawaska, ME

USCC East Madawaska
Credit: WOWL Students
      Madawaska, ME
    February 19, 2011
 This is the first half of the USCC Madawaska 100 Cross Country Snowmobile Race held in Madawaska on February 19, 2011. WOWL students Derrick Hebert, Jesse Clavette, Jon Lee, Taylor Pelletier and Lindsey Lavoie spent the morning filming this event which was very successful. Great work by the Madawaska Snowmobile Club and the USCC crew.